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From: MDawg

Why is it important? Do you want to play run after run with mediocre results. Do you want to spend more money than necessary? Of course not! However, that is exactly what I did as I struggled to figure out all the strategies. Why do that yourself when you can learn from me. Save yourself time and money and get more enjoyment out of the game.

Most players come into the game with little knowledge. There IS a another way!

And Then It Hit Me!

I realized that successful arena players were using specific strategies to separate themselves from the average player. With these strategies, I knew I could help people speed up their learning curve. You could play your first run as an EXPERT!

This guide is your chance to become an EXPERT immediately. Learn all the strategies that the expert players are using everyday to DOMINATE!

MDawg's Hearthstone Arena Guide

Small-Size-Ebook-JPGInside MDawg's Hearthstone Arena Guide I uncover all the tested strategies that will lead to immediate success in Arena. With over 80 pages of strategy, you will learn how to quickly become an expert player.

MDawg's Hearthstone Arena Guide is a downloadable PDF file. You will have instant access to it as well as all of the free BONUSES.

Imagine, in less than 2 minutes you could be on your way to CONQUERING the Arena. A few of the topics covered in the guide:

  • Unlocking the secrets of drafting for success in Arena
  • Complete gameplay guide
  • Stand-out cards explained in detail


When I first started playing arena I got very frustrated as I was losing over and over again without getting many (or any) wins.  I have also heard from several other players that had (or are still having) this same experience.  For many people, they stop playing Arena mode because of this frustration even though they see the potential fun that could be had in this game type.  By using the strategies found in MDawg’s Hearthstone Arena Guide, I have been able to win more consistently and experience the rewarding side of playing Arena.

As you may know, Hearthstone is currently in Beta (not fully open to the public).  Recently, Blizzard has announced that the game would be available for everyone to play in December.  If you already have a Beta invite, you are able to play immediately.  If you have not received a Beta key or do not know how to make yourself eligible for one, you should go to Battle.net (Blizzard’s main website) and create an account (if you don’t already have one).  After creating an account, you want to go to the account tab and click on beta profile settings.  This is where you indicate that you would like to participate in the Beta for Hearthstone.  This guide will help you have success in the game if you already have your Beta invite or will prepare you for when you do receive the invite (or when the game launches for everyone very soon)!

Part 1:
Unlocking The Secrets Of Drafting For Success In Arena

Drafting is by far the most important aspect of playing in Arena. Learn all the expert strategies for drafting successfully.

  • Learn the effectiveness of "BREAD" strategy
  • Learn the importance of choosing a HERO
  • Card advantage
  • Card draw strategies
  • Deck synergies
  • Mana curve


Now that you have DOMINATED the draft like a pro, let's learn how to play.

Part 2:
Gameplay Guide

After you learn how to have a successful draft, you need to know the strategies the big dogs use during the actual gameplay. Just having the best cards only takes you so far. You must know how to use them effectively in a variety of scenarios.Inside the Gameplay Guide, you'll discover...

  • Card advantage (Part 2)
  • The art of war
  • Know thy deck
  • Additional tips for victory

Part 3:
Stand-Out Cards Explained In Detail

  • Specific strengths and weaknesses discussed
  • Synergies explored

Here is an excerpt from the guide….





● a very dependable 5 drop that creates 2 bodies on the battlefield (always a desirable effect since there is limited aoe removal)

● i would happily play this on turn 5 (or even 4 with the coin) in most situations

● if given the opportunity, feel free to draft 2 of these in Arena... gives you flexibility in trading




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 Screen Shot 2013-11-21 at 9.50.54 PM

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Email and Skype Support With MDawg


Not only do you get MDawg's Hearthstone Arena Guide, but for a LIMITED time you have unlimited real-time support from MDawg himself. When you purchase the guide you will receive MDawg's email address and Skype contact information.


Now you can ask any question whenever you want.

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MDawg's Hearthstone Guide: 3 Parts
Part 1: Unlocking The Secrets Of Drafting For Success In Arena
Part 2: Gameplay Guide
Part 3: Stand-Out Cards Explained In Detail
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